HP Slate 2 announced

Prefer a full Windows experience on your tablet? HP has just the thing with its Slate 500 sequel

HP has revealed the Slate 2, the follow-up to its Slate 500 Windows-packing tablet. The latest creation, sadly, won’t be running Windows 8 – but with Microsoft all but announcing its release, we expect the update to replace its Windows 7 innards soon.

The 8.9in Slate 2 will be much akin to the Slate 500 but with a 64GB hard drive, Intel Atom processor and 1024x600 resolution screen that will die after an unimpressive six hours.

The latest Slate is due out in November, for all those who want a full Windows OS experience. Judging from the middle of the road specs we’re expecting a nice Kindle Fire level of pricing. Oh yeah, it has a stylus too.

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