HP preps 7in TouchPad Go tablet

Is HP about to launch a mini version of its webOS TouchPad slate?

HP has trimmed some of the fat from its webOS-toting TouchPad to create the palm-friendly 7in TouchPad Go, according to published FCC documents in the US. A mini version of its webOS slate would provide a bit of friendly competition for the BlackBerry Playbook, Dell Streak 7 and Samsung Galaxy tab.

Purported specs suggest it'll pack a beefier dual-core 1.5GHz processor, GPS, Beats Audio and come in the same configurations as the original TouchPad – 16GB and 32GB. Unlike the first attempt, it'll be available in both Wi-Fi and 3G flavours. Additional details are scant and recent mutterings suggest we could see it as soon as next month in the US, with no mention of a UK release date.

With the first Touchpad failing to make a real dent on the tablet market, perhaps a smaller, more pocket-friendly version will grab it the attention it deserves.


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