HP Pre 3 says hello (and waves goodbye to Palm)

The third-gen sometime Palm smartphone rocks webOS on the mother of all mobile engines

There’s so much to be bored by in HP’s third iteration of the Pre smartphone. A 3.6in screen (800x480), 5MP cam, second front-facing cam, HD video, 8-16GB SSD, 512MB RAM, wireless n, a bunch of sensors... hardly specs worth picking up the phone for these days (although by no means are these slouchy figures, don’t get us wrong).

But why be bored when you can be thrilled? On top of HP’s Pre 3 there’s a massive keyboard – the biggest ever to grace the face of a webOS phone. And behind that glass there’s something even more special – a Qualcomm 8x55 processor that runs up a clock speed of 1.4GHz.

We can spend a bit of time working out where the steam escapes from – the Pre 3 isn’t due to hit US shelves until summer. Meanwhile we’ll be getting some hands-on in San Francisco before the night is through.

Both the HP Pre 3 and HP Veer come with HP’s (read Palm’s) new Touchstone charger, which activates an automated Exhibition mode for pic galleries, diary appointments or other widgety goodness. Again, hands-on imminent...


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