HP Palm 3 spotted on Orange website

We hear nothing for months, not even so much as a phone call. Now the Pre 3 is back for business

Since our hands-on time with HP's Pre 3 back in February, it's been pretty quiet on the HP phone front – so quiet we were thinking of sending out a search party for the Pre 2's younger brother. Until today, that is. A support page for HP's sliding BlackBerry alternative has appeared on Orange's website, quashing any fears we had about its death.

Release details are scant, but its timing is in line with a little rumour we heard last month about an official appearance in the autumn. However, the page does confirm its major improvements: 3.6in screen, 400 x 800 pixel display, speedy 1.2GHz processor (not 1.4GHz, as was initially believed) and 8GB of built-in memory as opposed to a choice of 8GB or 16GB.

HP's also throwing in a 5MP camera and version 2.2 of its under-appreciated webOS operating system. Those specs don't exactly scream high-end handset – sounds more like mid-range territory – but still, webOS loyalists or those looking for hard keys/touchscreen combo might want to look its way.


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