HP kills off webOS and TouchPad

HP hammers the final nail into the coffin of all webOS devices

Spare a thought for the TouchPad and Pre 3. They've only been flaunting their shiny new overcoats for a short while and HP has made the shocking decision to do a complete 180, halting its webOS efforts, so you won't hear another peep from the TouchPad and webOS smartphones. It also means there'll be no TouchPad Go and presumably no 4G TouchPad. The decision is mainly down to current devices failing to make a dent in the industry and make HP any moolah.

Instead, HP plans to keep the spirit of webOS alive by focusing its efforts on ways to take the software forward in other areas. HP outed a Europe-bound white-backed 64GB TouchPad yesterday and webOS chief Stephen DeWitt told the Wall Street Journal that HP is exploring packing the webOS software into home appliances and cars, which he claims has already garnered a huge interest from manufacturers keen to get started on a number of projects.

The news will no doubt come as a roundhouse kick to the face for die-hard webOS loyalists who, like us, thought webOS and its multitasking prowess had bags of potential.

RIP webOS.


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