How to use Wikipedia during the blackout

If your thirst for knowledge can’t wait until the Wiki drought ends, here’s how you get around it

Wikipedia is down all day today (Wednesday, January 18). The Wikipidia blackout protesting proposed laws that may curb internet freedom affects all English language Wikipedia entries.

But there’s a way around it, and here’s what you need to do to access the site.

How to access Wikipedia during the blackout...

1 All of Wikipedia’s mobile site is still available, so if you’ve got a smartphone or tablet and a decent connection, hit up Wikipedia on your device’s browser and drench yourself in encyclopaedic goodness.

2 If your mobile data connection’s non-existent or slow, or you simply want to browse on your desktop, download a mobile browser emulator. We recommend the Opera Mobile Emulator – it works with Mac OS, Windows or Linux.

3 Once you’ve downloaded, installed and opened Opera Mobile Emulator (download here), set the profile to custom and the resolution to that of your screen (make sure it’s in landscape). If you don’t know the resolution of your screen, try 1366x768 landscape. Alternatively, you can use the size of a large tablet such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the preset list.

4 Set the input dropdown to Keypad and hit the Launch button. Click Accept in the bottom left corner of the browser window and point the URL address bar at – the world’s biggest reference tool is now at your disposal. Enjoy.

UPDATE If you only want to look at one or two Wikipedia pages during the blackout and think the above is too much effort, load Wikipedia as normal then refresh (F5) and hit the escape key straight afterwards. It may take you a couple of attempts to get the timing right and pages load much more slowly than usual (have patience during the white screen), but it works well enough for casual Wikipedia use. (Thanks @LookLikeBuddy)

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