How to run Mac OS X Lion on an iPhone

Fancy uncaging your iDevice and letting it roar? Read on…

Jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users have been using Cydia (the Jailbreak app store) to apply all sorts of fancy tweaks and themes to their devices, but nothing has ever come close to Lion Ultimatum – a theme for Dreamboard which transforms your iDevice in to a Lion-esque device which extends far beyond a simple skin. Dashboard widgets, stacks, draggable windows and even Finder menus are all present and accounted for. 

You’ll need a Jailbroken (and therefore warranty void) device along with the understanding that you’re working with Beta software which may go wrong. Hit up Jailbreakme to unshackle your device if you haven’t already done so, then click next to see how to perform this amazing hack.

Five simple steps on the path to Lion on iOS

1. Open Cydia and install Dreamboard (located in the default ModMyi repo).

2. Hit Manage > Sources > Edit > Add. Now enter “”, remembering to drop the quotation marks.

3. Remain in Cydia and open up Theme Outlet via the changes tab at the bottom.

4. Quit and launch Theme Outlet where you can download the OS X Ultimatum theme.

5. Whack open Dreamboard, find the Ultimatum theme and proceed to install. Crossed fingers optional.

Here’s a video of the magic in action and the creator’s forum topic at ModMyi for extra info and screen shots. Good luck and congratulations for attaining yet another level of geekdom.