How to print from iPhone or iPad without an AirPrint printer

Lantronix xPrintServer is the (middle) man when it comes to printing from iPhone and iPad

Since you got your iPad your laptop’s been consigned to a dusty corner, reluctantly called into service for iTunes syncing and the tablet’s Achilles heel: printing.

Course, you can go out and buy yourself a shiny new AirPrint printer (they start at just over £40), a good deal cheaper than the new Lantronix xPrintServer, which will command £65 when it goes on sale next month (July 2012, pre-order here).

So why plump for the Lantronix and leave yourself out of pocket to the tune of £25? If you only ever intend to print at home, the answer is: don’t – buy the AirPrint machine instead. But, if you want to print from any printer – at the office, at a mate’s house or when you need to print your return trip boarding card on holiday – the xPrintServer is going to pay for itself pretty quickly.

The Lantronix xPrintServer works with any iOS device, so it’ll also print from iPhones and iPod Touches, and will print anything you can display on the screen. It’s properly plug-and-print, too – there are no complicated installations, driver downloads or setup procedures, and there’s no need to have a PC or Mac act as a middle man.

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