How to make your iPad into an arcade cabinet

Do those hallowed classics some justice. Stop mashing screens – start mashing buttons

If you haven’t taken our advice and dabbled in some retro-gaming action on your iPad yet then shame on you. Still, there’s still time to redeem yourself by forking out £80 for an iCade iPad cabinet pre-order from Firebox. One look at the pic should send your nerd senses tingling, but just in case you’re not quite on your A-game today, this is a mini arcade cabinet complete with a stick, real buttons and a bright snazzy paintjob. Simply slot in your iPad (in either orientation) and you have the perfect companion for all of those Atari classics. What’s that? Tears of nostalgia? Don’t be ridiculous, just a bit of a high pollen count today, that’s all. Now run along and blow up some Asteroids – those reports can wait till after the weekend.