How hard can a Rubik’s Cube that’s 2x2 be?

Bored of unsticking all the labels on your Rubik’s Cube to solve it? Here, this one looks a bit easier

A standard Rubik’s Cube – as any fule kno – is three squares by three squares, cubed. Simple, right? Well, apparently it was too simple for some, so Rubik’s introduced its famous cuboid in 4x4 and 5x5 versions. Now, if Rubik’s was Gillette, it’d be eyeing up a 6x6 by now. But it’s not. It’s Rubik’s. And the new Rubik’s Cube has a measly four squares per side.

Easy! Or is it? No, we can’t work that out any more than we could solve our original Rubik’s Cube. And the new Cube has upped the game elsewhere too. Gone are the removable stickers (the original cheat was to peel them off when you were stuck and apply them to the faces where you wanted them). Now the plastic is printed with the four colours. We’re stuck just thinking about it.

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