How to get your girlfriend to dress up like Sonic

Treat your significant other's wardrobe to a range of console-inspired garments, and she'll be slaying virtual dragons with you in no time. Probably

If you thought faded Atari t-shirts were the pinnacle of gaming fashion then think again. Girl gamer/fashion aficionado Amanda McGinnis has created a blog called console to closet which focuses on outfits and accessories inspired by classic gaming greats ranging from Link to Lara Croft and many more.

There are no crazy costumes or complicated cosplay shenanigans involved, just regular items of clothing that, when brought together, form a stylish yet subtle tribute to some of our favourite pixellated heroes and villains.

The site is only dedicated to female fashion for the time being, but there might be a version for Y chromosome-toting gamers in the works, so stay tuned. Now if you'll excuse us, we've got some white bedsheets to buy – our Assassin's Creed costume isn't going to make itself…

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