How to get a three month Napster sub for free

The former bad boy of music downloads now works with Carphone Warehouse

What happened? Napster used to be such a rebel. Now it's teaming up with Carphone Warehouse to give away perfectly legal freebies.

A sell-out it may be, but since we don't condone illegal downloads, it's well worth a look. With a pretty similar music catalogue (15 million+ tracks) and mobile subscription rates (£10 a month) to Spotify, Napster is working hard to claw back a few more music lovers from the Swedish upstart. As a result, new Carphone Warehouse customers who buy an iPhone or Android smartphone on contract will get a free three month trial to the monster Napster library, with PAYG customers looking at a less impressive 30 day free trial.

If your 3G is playing up, the Napster Unlimited plus Mobile app auto-saves the last 300 songs that you've played so you aren't left listening to the world outside your headphones. Because that would be rubbish.


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