How to get paid for being a zombie

Walking around aimlessly without a pulse? Clambering for your next fix of flesh and brains? Boy, do we have the perfect career opportunity for you

Do you have what it takes to drag your feet around, moan listlessly and devour everything in site without having to initiate a hangover? Then you could earn some extra cash by becoming a  zombie.

Zed Events – the team which hosted our very own zombie apocalypse gadget survival guide – is looking to hire fresh (or rotten) faced undead actors who are willing to strike fear into participating role-players – and get shot by BB pellets in the process.

If that sounds like it's up your street then head on over to Wish for the full job description before applying for the audition at Pineapple Dance Studios in London. Good luck in your quest for those sweet and juicy braaaains.

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