How to get an iPhone 3G

Good news everyone – the iPhone 3G is nearly here. Bad news everyone – it’s looking about as rare as a WAG with a PhD, with 02 repor

Don’t go into the centre of town

O2 and Carphone Warehouse have both reported that they will only have “a few dozen handsets” in each store. Avoid hugely popular areas, and look for a store that’s less likely to be mobbed. So not Oxford Circus, then.

Keep hitting refresh

O2 has been reporting an unprecedented amount of traffic over the past weeks, with 200,000 people expressing an interest online, and has admitted that the store has struggled to cope with the demand. That said, the O2 store is advising people to “come back on 10 July” for more information.

Get there early…

O2, Carphone Warehouse and Apple stores will mostly open at 8.02am on 11 July. If you’re really desperate to get one on launch day, get your flask, sleeping bag and very probably an umbrella at the ready. Stores that are in shopping centres may open a little later – when the mall itself opens its doors.

…or bide your time

There’s obviously a massive rush at launch date, especially with loads of new customers joining the long line of people waiting for an upgrade. We predict that upgrade customers won’t get a shiny new iPhone on launch date unless they’re very lucky. And if you’re a new customer, and have a tiny reserve of patience, we think that next week will see stocks being replenished.

Enter a competition

If all else fails, put yourself in the hands of Lady Luck and enter a competition. And whaddya know, we’ve got an iPhone 3G competition right here at – good luck!


iPhone 3G

Price: £From free

On sale: 11 July

Contact: Apple