How to draw a robot

After a secret meeting in the depths of a London comic book shop we have birthed a new bot, with help from the pensmith behind the True Grit comic

Cloaked in a black cape we scurried through the foggy cobbled London backstreets to our secret meeting with a man known as Christian Wildgoose. We were promised he could create robots beyond the imagination of even the greatest technologist. Turned out they were right. Behold the Stuff Droid.

Our 'bot is able to cut through metal with laser vision, scale buildings using plasma-booster technology and unearth secret gadget news. Want to see how he was created? Enjoy the show.

What was this all in aid of? Catawiki, the world’s largest collector website that has just launched in the UK. It lets collectors add, compare, buy and sell their comics, toys and other collectibles. Christian Wildgoose, artist and designer behind the True Grit comic was there to sing its praises. Download the True Grit comic for free here.


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