How to celebrate Alan Turing's 100th birthday

The code-breaking computer science legend would have turned 100 today. Here's some fitting ways to mark the occasion

Mathematican, code-breaker and father of computer science Alan Turing is one of the many things that makes us proud to be British and if he was still alive today, he'd be cracking open the bubbly and high-fiving the Queen in honour of turning 100. The web has gone dotty for Turing this week – here's some of the best tributes.

Google's latest Doodle has turned its Search homepage into an interactive Turing Machine, after the devices that the scientist developed in 1936 – back then, Turing's hypothetical computer model was designed to alter symbols on a strip of tape according to pre-programmed rules. The tape would move back and forth depending on the algorithm.

This Lego model of a Turing Machine, dubbed the 'father of all computers', was built by two Dutch researchers using a Lego Mindstorms NXT set in tribute to the Turing anniversary today. Make the trip to Amsterdam to see it in the plastic, watch the short documentary video or build your own.

What better way to remember this bonafide genius than to create some Turing-inspired art like this profile made up of binary numbers from the Q{kB}j Tumblr? We're sure Turing would have been impressed by his newfound status as an internet meme.

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