How to build a website on the cheap

Need a site built stat? These web building tools are cheap or free and let you spread the internet love quickly and easily

Once the preserve of only the techiest code-loving folk, websites are no longer the tricky, time-eating, money-burning creatures they once were. These days, the tools you need to build a basic site are no more intimidating than those you’d use to make a spreadsheet. Here are five of the best…

Adobe Muse

From £14,

“Think design, not code” says Adobe of the latest arrow in its Creative Suite quiver. And, true to its word, Adobe Muse does away with tricky HTML and CSS in favour of templates and tools, letting you create brilliant looking sites without having to think about <stuff>#like</this>.



There are plenty of sites that can get you from drawing board to swank blog in minutes, but our favourite is Wordpress. Over 180 free themes, 3GB of server allocation and an intuitive back-end content management system (CMS) give it an edge, but paid upgrades let you adopt your own domain, premium themes, deeper analytics and world domination. The latter may require more than just a Wordpress account.

Google Sites


Google Sites offers masses of space and easy integration with other Google products such as YouTube and Google Drive (the new home of Google Docs). Google touts speed as the most alluring cherry atop Sites’ cake, and with one-click page creation for icing and a creamy 10GB storage filling, we’re more than happy to recommend a slice of Google’s pagebuilder. Design, as we’ve come to expect from the Big G, is less impressive.



Photo blogging for the masses was once Flickr’s turf, but Tumblr’s idiot-proof operation has attracted over 46 million image-obsessed bloggers, including US president Barack Obama. Think of it as a GIF-filled Twitter if you will, but knocking out a one-dimensional blog of otters who look like Benedict Cumberbatch has never been easier.



The online war of words is turning into a war of pictures, but social networks – the most practical way for most of us to editorialise our lives – are yet to cotton on. True, Facebook bought Instagram (and the influence has started to show) and there are plenty of plugins to post pics to Twitter, but for really smart social picture wall-building, you’ll want Pinterest. It’s already “worth” US$1.5bn and has 20 million users.

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