How to add the Newsstand app icon to a folder in iOS 5

Want to give your new app the edge? Make the icon indelible. Apple does

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a folder on your iPhone where you bury unwanted Apple apps. Why? Because you can’t delete, say, the Stocks app even if the closest you’ve come to being a shareholder is entering the local meat raffle.

Now Apple has gone a step further. Not only does its new magazine shop app – Newsstand – not take kindly to your efforts to remove it from the device, it won’t even let you put it in a folder to tidy up your display.

We understand Apple wants everyone to buy their magazine subscriptions from its new service, but forcing the issue down the throats of people using a 3.5in screen is as welcome as the company setting up a 24-hour garage in your bedroom cupboard. Here's how to move Newsstand to a folder in iOS 5:

1. Put two other icons (we'll call them Icon A and Icon B) next to the Newsstand icon

2. Drag Icon A over Icon B to make a new folder

3. As the folder starts to create itself, jab your finger on to the Newsstand icon (warning: it may disappear)

4. Pull the Newsstand icon into the tray with Icons A and B (even if it's invisible)

5. Release and return to the main screen

Note that you may have to try this a few times before you get the timing right, the mini icon may not show up in the folder view (though it should when you open it) and the app will cease to launch. If you're happy with those caveats, go nuts.

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