House of Marley launch eco-friendly speaker docks

Stand up for your right to play music anywhere and everywhere with these rather eye-catching portable speaker systems

Meet Bag Of Rhythm, your alternative ghetto blaster for 2012 – complete with House of Marley credentials. After months of waiting since we first caught a peek of these bad boys, Bag of Rhythm is the first of three speaker docks out of the blocks from the headphone-making lovers of all things eco –it's available now from HMV for £300.

And if that price has taken you aback you'll be relieved to know that not only do you get an iPhone and iPod Touch docking and charging station, an amp, twin 1" tweeters and two high-def woofers for your audio pleasure but also a Birch wood and cotton bag that'll house it all and – if worn ironically enough – increase your street cred tenfold.

The other two speakers in the lineup aren't due out until the Summer but here's what you can look forward to – first up there's the Get Up Stand Up home speaker dock that tones down the Marley styling a notch and gives you a similar audio set-up to the Bag of Rhythm.

Then there's the tiny Chant speaker which can be powered by USB or batteries and comes with a bamboo top piece and canvas bag. If you like what you see, House of Marley is getting into watches, bags and accessories later in the year – plus we spotted an AirPlay speaker dock released in America that we might get our hands on too. Go on then, get jammin'.

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