Hooray – it’s iPhone SDK day!

It was the most anticipated gadget release since Hargreaves Spinning Jenny, but early adopters are now suffering from a condition known as iPhone Ennu

Whipping it out no longer gets the same “oohs” and “aaahs”, and the lack of 3G and decent headphone socket are starting to smart. If only there were some cool new third-party apps to monkey around with…

Help is at hand, jaded iPhone-fanciers – today is iPhone SDK day. Jobsy confirmed last year that a software development kit would be launched for the Jesus phone this month, meaning that developers will finally be able to create custom-made, iPhone-based apps.

Questions: Will there be an official Apple approval process? Will the apps be sold through iTunes? Will we see push email, GPS, mad iPhone app mashups?

All will be revealed at 6pm our time – stay tuned, gadget fans…