Hitachi Ultra-thin LCD TVs slip into the UK

Comet has just announced that it'll be the first place in the UK to stock Hitachi's new Ultra-thin LCD TVs.So if you're a bit of a fatist and can't be

So if you're a bit of a fatist and can't bear to look at your disgustingly chubby TV anymore, you can streamline your sitting room from next month.

Coming in at a waif-like 35mm thick and 10.9kg, it'll sit unobtrusively on your wall, or sit razor-like on its stand. We're still waiting for the time when we can paint screens onto walls, but in the meantime, Hitachi's Ultra-thin series looks like the next best thing.

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Hitachi Ultra-thin LCD TV

Price: £TBA

On sale: May

Contact: Comet