The history of the Polaroid instant camera

Say cheeeeeese - the Polaroid instant camera is back. There's not many gadgets that can hold their hands up to being given a second chance. It may wor

1932: Land founds Land-Wheelwright Laboratories in Boston and continued research and production of synthetic polarizers.

1934: Kodak purchases polarizing material for camera filters and Polaroid day glasses are introduced. 

1948: Instant photography goes on sale to the public for the first time with the Polaroid Model 95, which gets its name from its $95 starting price.

1949: Land hires legendary photographer Ansel Adams who advises the company on cameras, film and packaging.


1960: The Model 900, the first automatic exposure camera goes on sale. The very sought-after Model 110B is also introduced. Polaroid expands to Japan.

1969: The 360 features the first Integrated Circuits in Polaroid cameras and the first rigid-body packfilm cameras appear – the Colorpack II and IV.




 2004: First (and last) instant camera with digital LCD viewfinder - the Image 1200 - hits the market.