Hide your digital wallets, the Steam sale is happening on 26th November

Brace yourselves, gaming bargains are coming
PayPal outs next Steam Sale date: Nov 26

There's a veritable bonanza of bargains this week, with Black Friday advance deals, plus the GOG.com sale all set to put a dent in your digital wallet.

Now Valve's getting aboard the bandwagon too, with PayPal leaking the exact date of the upcoming Steam Sale; in an email telling its customers to start stocking up on Steam credit with, of course, PayPal.

VG247 was nice enough to share the PayPal email and the date - 26th November. Brace yourself for a week of dining on economy sausage rolls and potatoes, so you can scrape together the pennies for those sweet, sweet bargain-priced games.

To wait or not to wait?

PayPal outs next Steam Sale date: Nov 26

Of course that means that from now until the great Steam sale that'll wipe your digital wallet clean on 26 November, you'll have to restrain your urge to snap up any new titles. Are Steam sales worth the wait? Usually, especially if you've been waiting for a specific title.

Some games, though, are Origin-exclusives so you won't find them on Steam. Origin is apparently also going to have its own sales pretty soon so if the gaming platform has things you want then maybe hold off buying games on Steam.

As always, remember to wait for flash sales and that the older and more popular the game, the higher the possibility of steep discounts.

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[Source: VG247]