This hidden bike kit makes flat tyres a thing of the past

Jack Raison's clever bike design means you'll always have emergency cycle gear when you need it

Long an excuse for cyclists being late to work, now a Ravensbourne University design graduate might have done the impossible and solved the flat tyre problem for all of us with his genius Hidden Bike Multi-Tool prototype.

Jack Raison's kit, showed off at New Designers 2012, comes with an allen key which can be carried on a keyring and whipped out in an emergency. This allows you to jump off your bike, remove the saddle and get to the hidden contents of your bike's seat post.

The set itself includes a 15mm nut wrench, tyre lever, runner, full size spanner set, self-adhesive puncture repair patches and that all important pump with a CO2 cartridge for reinflating your tyre. The pump, despite its weedy proportions, won't let you down on the road. It can inflate a normal 700c road tyre to full cycling pressure and leave you some gas to spare.

Quite frankly, we need this right now: no more forgetting to pack the basics in our backpack and no chance of cycle-minded thieves getting to our emergency tools. So it's a good job Raison has a patent pending for his design and is looking for investors to get the Multi-Tool design into bike shops. Now, what can we hide in the tyres?

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