Hi-ho silver Prada!

Check it out! Silver is the new black – at least when it comes to the Prada phone, or, as it's less fashionably known, the LG KE850.The folks at

The folks at LG have just announced that the silver version will be leaping from the catwalk and into stores from this month. Rainbow Swarovski crystals are mercifully still not an option.

To show that beauty isn't just skin deep, LG have also added a full on-screen QWERTY keyboard to keep up with the iPhone, rather than relying on a virtual T9 number-pad for texts.

Anything else? Um, no, actually. It's still the same old 2MP, media-playing, document-viewing, non-3G phone it always was.

'Course there's always the better-equipped Viewty for your gadget needs. But that doesn't have the Prada badge...


LG Prada phone, silver

Price: from £free on contract

On sale: January