Hi-def movie downloads coming to Xbox Live UK

Playing those epic video games for hours on end can take its toll on your thumbs, and all that quick-fire action – it’s hard work. Wouldn&

Well now you can. From December 11, UK Xbox owners can download a slew of top movies in high-definition, and the slightly more old-fashioned standard-definition, from the Xbox Live Video Marketplace.

What films will be on offer? Glad you asked. Here’s a taster of what’s available; The Matrix Trilogy, the Lethal Weapon films, the Burton classic Mars Attacks, Ocean’s 11, Superman III, Training Day, Harry Potter’s Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets and top angry CG war epic 300. There’s so many more there isn’t enough internet space to print them all.

The US has had high-definition movie downloads on Xbox Live since November but roll-out for the service over here has been shrouded in mystery. Those lucky Yanks even get hi-def TV treats, as well, though there’s no word on when we’ll join in.

Hi-def downloads start from 380 points (£3), while standard-def movies start at 250 Microsoft Points – which is about two British pounds. The downloads will vanish off your Xbox hard drive within 24 hours of your first viewing, or 14 days after download.

We just can't wait to watch the crisp glory of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


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Price: From £free

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