Here's what you'll get with your Xbox One on release day

Major Nelson gives gamers a tour of the goodies packed inside the Xbox One packaging. We can smell the cardboard from here...
Here's what you'll get with your Xbox One on release day

Microsoft's Major Nelson has posted an Xbox One unboxing video that's sure to get eager gamers drooling.

Tearing open the inviting black box reveals:

An Xbox One console

A second-gen Kinect sensor

A 4K-capable HDMI cable (ooooooh)

A special chrome D-Pad edition Xbox One controller with 'Day One 2013' stamped on it

A mono-chat headset with inline mic and audio controls

A (mercifully smaller) power brick

Another little treat for Xbox fans is that the Xbox One logo on the front is actually a touch-sensitive power button, firing up the control at the slightest caress. Nice.

Freeing the beast

Its set us up nicely for Gamescom which kicks off on 21 August. We're still waiting on an actual launch date in November though, so in the meantime we'll just have to keep the unboxing video on loop and make do with our imaginations.

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