Here cometh the videoPod

Apple has announced a 'special event' on September 7th - which is the closest the company comes to pre-announcing a new product. And so the rumour mills are buzzing with reports of new Shuffles, the long-awaited iPod mobile… or the even longer-awaited vid

We're the lucky recipients of an invitation to an Apple press event on September 7th. The invite says '1000 songs in your pocket changed everything. Here we go again.'

The UK event features a live satellite broadcast from San Francisco - suggesting Apple honcho Steve Jobs will be treading the boards once more to deliver one of his world-famour keynote speeches. But what will he be announcing? Here's our run-down of the possibilities:

New, higher-capacity iPod Shuffles. Very likely, as Apple have reportedly been buying up all the flash memory they can. But it's hardly a revolution worthy of a huge press event... even if they get round to including an LCD screen this time.

Motorola iPod phone. The iTunes-compatible mobile is well overdue now - we were expecting to see it back in March. What's more, Moto insiders have been priming us for an imminent launch. But the lack of Motorola branding on the invite suggests this might not be the moment.

The video iPod. Long-awaited by Mac addicts and oft-denied by Steve Jobs, a video iPod seems increasingly likely. For a start, Apple has started selling music videos on the iTunes Music Store - albums such as the new Goldfrapp LP are coming with slevenotes and video content. What's more, there have been rumours of Apple bods negotiating with record labels for video licenses. Steve Jobs's close connection to Hollywood - he owns a big stake in Toy Story animator Pixar - would provide the ideal launchpad for a video device. And he has to do something to head off the threat of the PSP... doesn't he?

One final clue we're yet to decipher – the launch is in Finchley, the leafy North London suburb that was home to Margaret Thatcher. Why?

Well, we'll find out soon enough - we'll be reporting live from the event as soon as the keynote is over, so tune in to this site from 7pm BST for coverage.

In the meantime, if you have any ideas of what might be launched - tell us by clicking on the 'Readers Comments' button below.

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