Here cometh the PS4

[intro]Tired of waiting for the PlayStation 3? Then stop reading now. Because Sony has announced a PS4 – and it could be here as soon as 2010[/intr

Good old Sony. With millions of would-be PS3 gamers still waiting to get their mitts on the decade's most hotly anticipated console, the Japanese giant has let slip that the PlayStation 3 is old news – and the PS4 is just around the corner.

It all started like this: last week, Sony boss Howard Stringer reshuffled his management sidelining the Father of the PlayStation, Ken Kutaragi. This act was enough to convince some that the much-delayed PS3 would be the last console from Sony.

Not so, according to Paul Holman, PlayStation's European VP of technology. In an interview with Australian Smarthouse, he said such speculation was "a bit far fetched" and apparently predicted the PS4 would arrive sometime after 2010. Amazon has yet to post an advance order form, but it surely can't be long...

Of course, this 'announcement' isn't particularly definitive, and certainly not as idiotic as Gizmondo's admission that a much better version of its eponymous portable console was waiting in the wings – before the first version had even been launched.

In fact, the most interesting parts of Holman's interview are about the PS3 rather than its successor. Apparently, firmware upgrades for the will improve the PS3's media centre functions and allow third-party operating systems to run on the console.

It's hard to believe that a security-obsessed company like Sony would make the PS3 hackable, but with one flavour of Linux already with developers, it's seems this possiblity will soon be a reality. Which means they'll be more people creating content for the PS3, and more ways to wile away those years of PS4 delays...