Here comes the flood

So, a couple of months to go till the PSP surfaces, and the accessories start pouring in. The latest manufacturer scrabbling for your just-bought-a-PSP-and-feeling-flush buck is Logic3. It may well deserve it

Logic3 has two particularly cool PSP accessories hitting the shops: the Sound Grip and PSP Sound System.

The Sound Grip makes your PSP more hand-friendly, and sports a pair of battery-powered speakers to enhance film sound performance. It comes with a nifty stand and carry case, all for a startlingly reasonable £20.

With the PSP Sound System, Logic3 is hoping to revisit the success its experienced with its i-Station iPod speaker system. Like that model, it has a fold-down subwoofer in addition to two full-range drivers, providing a gutsy little 2.1 setup. The 3D sound effect remains, and its 12W of amplification ensure it sounds much bigger than it actually is. It's a nice looking piece of kit, too, and when on AC power (it can also use 4 AAs) even charges your PSP. Other sources can benefit from its table-shaking power, thanks to its 3.5mm stereo line-in. Not bad for £50. Delight yourself with these Logic3 accessories and more at Logic3's website.