Here comes the coolest phone in the world

Samsung, purveyor of all kinds of funky electronics, and Bang & Olufsen, purveyor of all kinds of very cool stuff, have announced a potentially exciting collaboration. A phone is on the way, promising to fuse Samsung's wicked way with a call-maker wit

After our disappointment with the iTunes phone, we really needed a bit of a pick-me-up. But we've been stung before, and as we've developed the capacity to learn, we're not going to get too excited about the prospect of a B&O/Samsung phone. Yet.

All we really know is that it'll be available in (adopt American accent) Q4 '05, which basically means some time pretty soon. The marketing bumf is awash with phrases like 'truly unique product', 'new mobile experience', 'breaks with conventional expectations', 'form and function' and 'simplicity', so we hope we don't have another Xelibri on our hands. We expect not to: Samsung mobiles and B&O kit tend not to disappoint.

Another given is that music playback (MP3 and WMA, most likely) will be augmented by B&O's ICEpower tech, which should mean class-leading audio capabilities.

That's it for now, we're afraid - stay tuned for updates, and visit B&O or Samsung.