HD TV shows finally hit UK iTunes

Steve Jobs announcement last September that iTunes would be getting a slew of HD TV shows got us pretty pumped up and readying our Apple TVs in antici

Today though, HD shows have finally started landing on the UK iTunes store. At the moment, only season 5 of Lost is available. The new series is currently being shown on Sky, but you can download a single episode for £2.49, or front up a massive £41.99 for a series pass.

It's not out on DVD, so Lost fanatics may want to get involved, but once again the price is on the high side. For those who've never seen the tiresomely long–running show, there's a free 5 minute clip to get you up to date.

We're trawling around for more shows with the HD treatment and if you find any more, let us know in the comments section now. For more on iTunes 8, check out our first impressions now.


HD shows on iTunes

Price: £2.49 per episode

On sale: Now

Contact: Apple