HBO shows coming to iTunes

Apple’s just brought us word that they’re finally adding HBO shows to their iTunes TV offering. The channel has been notable by its absenc

Up first are seasons one and five of The Wire and Entourage, with Rome and The Sopranos also available, albeit limited to early and late episodes. Sex and the City gets the full series treatment, with every episode up for grabs. Just in case you want to follow the exploits of one woman as she inexplicably makes enough to buy Jimmy Choos from one newspaper column.

There’s no word on when we’ll be seeing more series of our personal favourite, The Wire, or whether Curb Your Enthusiasm will take a bow either. Come on Apple, please hand ‘em over.

Episodes cost £1.89 each, although sadly there are no series bundles available. Perhaps Apple doesn’t need to worry about TV shows at the moment and instead turn its attention to 7Digital’s new 100 per cent DRM–free service.


HBO on iTunes

Price: £1.89 per episode

On sale: Now

Contact: Apple