Has Nintendo lost the plot?

Nintendo has released the first images of the controllers for its next-gen console, the Revolution. They're certainly different…

Nintendo has unveiled the first images of the controllers for its Revolution console. As you can see above, they're not the most conventional design - in fact, the standard controller looks more like a remote control than a gaming pad.

This unique design follow hot on the heels of the decidedly wierd touch-screen Nintendo DS, prompting us to ask: have Nintendo lost the plot? Or is this true gaming innovation? One thing is for sure - the company is certainly setting itself apart from Sony and Microsoft in the coming console wars.

We'll have to get our hands on a unit before giving our verdict on one-handed, motion sensitive gaming, but the left-hand controller shown above - described as a 'nunchuk' analogue unit - is one of a number of plug-ins that planned to improve and expand the traditional gaming experience.

Check out further pictures here.

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