Harry Potter and the jam-packed Archos 605

We’re already fans of the Archos 605 Wi–Fi portable media player. The pocketable little lovely has been impressing us with its high-res vi

But now, for an extra £40, you’ll get the first four film frolics of Harry Potter the boy wizard loaded on a special limited edition release of the Archos PMP.

‘But what about the fifth film ?’, we hear you wand-fondlers cry.  Well fear not, The Order of the Phoenix will become available through the Archos online store for around £3 to rent and £10 to buy after its DVD release.

Personally we can’t stand the scar-faced, goody-two-shoes, little twerp and will be firmly cheering on Lord Voldemort.


Harry Potter Special Edition Archos 605

Price: £190

On sale: January 2008

Contact: Archos