HAPIfork smart fork tells you how fast you're chowing down

Shed the pounds by eating slower, with the help of this clever connected cutlery

In a bid to get you in shape for the New Year, CES 2013 is showing off all manner of gadgets for the fitness fanatic. Appearing alongside health monitors like the the Fitbug Orb and BodyMedia Core 2 is the more unusual HAPIfork – which aims to stop you piling on the pounds by buzzing you when you guzzle your food too quickly.

The HAPIfork tracks how often you bring food from your plate to your mouth,  how long you wait between servings and how long your meals last. And why would you want to measure that? Because your body decides that it's stuffed after about 20 to 30 minutes of chowing down – regardless of how much you've eaten.

"If you can slow down how fast you're eating," explains HapiLabs president Andrew Carton, "logically what you will also be doing is reducing the amount of food that you're eating – because your brain is actively telling you that you've had enough to eat."

To that end, the HAPIfork teaches you to savour your food, vibrating when you eat too quickly. It'll also sync up with the associated online dashboard and HapiLabs app (available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone) via Bluetooth and a micro USB connector.

Fancy getting your teeth into a new way of eating? You'll just have to be patient – the HAPIfork will be hitting Kickstarter in March, and (assuming it meets its funding goals) will go on sale later in the year.

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