Hands-on with the Xperia Pureness from Sony Ericsson

Could transparency become the new watchword in the mobile market? The LG Crystal phone featured a transparent keypad, and now we have the Xperia Puren

This phone is not attempting to rival it's highly specd brother the Xperia X2, but rather return to the good old days of phones, where functions were limited and form was everything. This device has no smartphone aspirations, as it would rather embody the aesthetic concepts of the brand- and yes, words like 'purity' and 'calmness' have been bandied around. These fall under the new make.believe ethos Ericsson are involved in.

Pricing isn't confirmed yet, but we'd surmise that it won't be cheap, due to the nature of the materials and the R&D time involved in creating this.

Sony Ericsson, November

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