hands on with xbox 360

The Bad:

• There’s not one title that really makes the most of the 360’s awesome specs in order to push gaming to the next level.

• We’ll take new versions of Wolfenstein and Quake, but they were the cream of a crop of unimaginative sequels that flogged familiar franchises like FIFA, Tiger Woods, Ridge Racer, MotoGP and Final Fantasy within an inch of their life.

• If you don’t have a high-definition plasma, you won’t get the full benefit of the console’s graphical capabilities – and if you do then you might be disappointed to hear it doesn’t feature a hi-def movie format, just plain old DVD (PlayStation 3 will have Blu-Ray for hi-def films).

The Ugly:

• The smell of a thousand journalists stuck in a hot room for two hours. We suffer for our art, dear reader.  


The Xbox 360 goes on sale in North America on Nov. 22nd and in Europe on Dec 2nd. To confuse matters, Microsoft offering two versions – a high-end box with wireless controllers, hard drive, headset, component HD video cable and remote control for  $399/£280 and a budget ‘Core System’ with wired controllers and no accessories $299/£210.

Are they it worth the money? Probably. Do we want one? Hell yeah – in fact, we’ll take them both.

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