Hands-on video with HTC’s HD2

We may appear to be Android-this and iPhone-that, but it hasn’t escaped our attention that it’s an exciting time for those of a WinMo pers

It may lack the Touch Pro2’s class-leading QWERTY keyboard, but the HD2 has multimedia fish to fry – as shown by the fact that it’s the first phone to combine Windows Mobile 6.5 with HTC’s Sense interface.

This means nifty tricks such as being able to view calls, texts, FaceBook updates and emails in each single contact card, plus the option of downloading Twitter apps like HTC’s Peep from Windows Marketplace.

But it’s the HD2’s 4.3in, 800x480 screen that really impresses – particularly as it now offers multi-touch for pinch-to-zoom trickery when web browsing.

For the full lowdown see our preview, but to see it in action go to our hands-on video with haste.