Hands–on video with HTC Touch HD

We've already ripped the HTC Touch HD out of its box and taken a few snaps for your viewing pleasure. And now you can see it working in all its glory

The phone's big selling point is its massive 3.8in touchscreen, meaning you can watch movies and TV shows without having to squint and strain your precious peepers.

Inside there's HSDPA, with a 5MP snapper round the back and Windows Mobile keeping things ticking along inside. And like it's smaller sibling, the HTC Touch Diamond, you get TouchFlo tech to keep your fingers happy.

If you;'re looking for an iPhone alternative, the HTC Touch HD is a neat alternative. Get a closer look in our hands–on vid and take a look at our unboxing blog for all the pics too!


HTC Touch HD

Price: £79 with Orange contract

On sale: Now

Contact: HTC Touch HD