Hands on the Sanyo HD2

[intro]The updated hi-def flash camcorder has landed... and it's gorgeous. But is it any better than the HD1[/intro] Today promises to be a good da

Today promises to be a good day – the Nokia N95 will be arriving later, and hopefully an Apple TV too. But first things first, the revamped Sanyo hi-def diddycorder has landed on my desk.

Like its Cool Listed predecessor, the HD1, this Sanyo is a pistol-grip palmcorder that records 720p video to memory card. At best quality you'll fit an hour's worth of video on a 4GB card. (Unfortunately it doesn't come with a card, which means I can only fit a few seconds of video on the 128MB card I carry in my wallet for emergencies. No, I really do.)

The HD2 also takes decent 7MP snaps and benefits from a 10x zoom (although that's gonna produce shaky vids and blurry stills unless you're using a tripod).

But unlike the HD1, the HD2 can apparently handle low-light conditions. Plus, it comes with a dock that has component and HDMI outputs. It even ships with an HDMI cable - eat that, Sony. In fact, it has pretty much every cable you could ever need (S-Video, component, USB) and the smallest remote control I've ever seen. Unfortunately the USB cable is non-standard, which I forsee causing problems - not least when I have to return this camera to Sanyo and can't find the cable.

First impressions are good - the video looks pretty impressive, if a bit oversharpened, and it easily mounts on my Mac desktop so I can import it into iMovie for editing. I can even import it directly into iTunes, so presumably should be able to stream it to Apple TV... if it arrives. We're going to try filming a hands-on with the Nokia N95 later on, using the HD2, so check back for a video later.

We'll also post a full review once we've, erm, fully reviewed it.