Hands on with the PS3 - part two

E3 We’re among the first lucky souls in the world to get quality time with Sony’s next-gen superconsole. Here’s what we reckon

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The playable games at the show include a brand new, 3D version of Sonic The Hedgehog that captures – and ups - the frantic pace of the original but can be confusing to control. Virtua Tennis 3 is as playable as its brilliant predecessors, but with an extra visual polish. And Resistance: Fall of Man is a slick but generic first-person shooter that’ll keep fraggers entertained for a good few nights.

Best of the bunch, though, was thrilling third-person fighting adventure Heavenly Sword. While hardly groundbreaking, the slash-and-slice gameplay is gloriously addictive, mindless fun. And you can’t ask for much more than that.

The non-playable demo of Gran Turismo HD looked fantastic in eye-blistering, Xbox 360-busting 1080p high definition. But for some reason most of the footage featured Model T Fords running around a track at 20mph. Hardly adrenaline-inducing stuff.

Only one game on display took advantage of the latest addition to the PS3 spec – the Nintendo-baiting motion-sensitive controller. Warhawk is a futuristic flight sim that finally brings meaning to the phrase 'pitch and yaw'. It had gamers ducking and diving in front of the vast plasma displays - but it's no breakthrough. And, rather disturbingly, we’ve learned that the new motion sensitivity comes at the expense of force feedback.

But rumble grumbles aside, is it worth starting to save for a PS3 at its 500 Euro launch price? Hell yes. And for gawds' sake avoid the lower-specced 400 Euro model, which lacks Wi-Fi and memory slots, and has less hard drive space.

This console is going to be huge - so buy the real thing, and be assured that even if it takes a couple of years before we see software that takes full advantage of the gaming capabilities, the Blu-Ray drive and home entertainment features should keep you occupied.

The only question is, can you really justify buying three games consoles? We’ll be getting hands-on with the Nintendo Wii – and the latest 360 games - tomorrow. Start making some extra room under your telly.

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