Hands on with the new iPods

We've just had a quick hands on with the new iPods. Here's what we reckon:iPod 80GB Looks very similar to the old 60GB iPod with video - until you look closely at the screen, which is way brighter and double the resolution. Which means you can see the newly uprated 640x480-pixel movies and TV shows in their full glory. Or at least you could if you lived in America.iPod nano Not sure about this one at all - it's a shrunked iPod mini, complete with the anodysed aluminium cases and rounded sides. On the plus side, this means it won't scratch and will appeal to a feminine audience. On the minus side, it feels like a step back, design wise, from the current nano.More capacity -up to 8GB - is welcome, as is the 24hour battery life - but video playback is strangely lacking.iPod Shuffle Actually the coolest thing here, the new 1GB Shuffle looks like a remote for the old iPod - in fact, it's probably smaller. it's the same width and thickness as the nano, but only a quarter as high. No screen, of course, but it's cheap.Alas, there's no USB built in - a seperate dock means it's not so useful as a memory stick. Still, I'll have one. **Prices to be confirmed**