Hands on – Fujifilm X100

We got our paws on a prototype of Fujifilm's amazing retro snapper to see how it's coming along

We had our hands on a Fujifilm X100 dummy a few weeks back. It was lovely, but it literally did nothing. We're on step closer now, having tried a model with a working viewfinder. Hurrah!

Amazingly, for a camera with such awesome retro styling, full manual control and super-fast Fujinon lens, the viewfinder is actually the most interesting bit.

It's a hybrid viewfinder, with an old-school optical finder that has a digital overlay to show shooting info. When you take the shot, it's fully replaced by a digital screen in the window to show the shot you've taken.

The experience is pretty slick so far, with the focal point and virtual brightline appearing over the optical view, then the digital image rising nicely up to reveal your shot preview.

We're told that the digital part of the finder also sorts out parallax adjustment for you. The brightline (the box showing the frame edge) moves as you get closer to a subject, to allow for the difference in view through the lens and viewfinder.

So, looks sweet. Let's hope the next time we see an X100 it'll be the finished article.