Halo 4 makes its debut at E3 2011

Master Chief already finished one fight and now it looks like he’s about to start another. Another three, as a matter of fact

Fans of plasma shooting, grenade sticking, face smashing, headshotting and multiplayer pandemonium have rejoiced the world over after the announcement of Halo 4 at Microsoft’s E3 press conference.

The game is technically the seventh instalment in the Halo franchise, but carries on the story from the ending of Halo 3, which saw the badass Chief and his AI sidekick Cortana drifting towards an unknown planet.

Microsoft confirmed this will be the beginning of a new trilogy, which naturally raises concerns (even amongst the most die-hard of fans) that the franchise has become another cash cow. Still, the record-breaking FPS has always been synonymous with the Xbox brand and has met critical acclaim as one of the best series of games ever made and we’re sure that 343 Industries will proudly take on the torch that previous developers Bungie has passed on to them.

For now our appetites have only the trailer below and a release date of Autumn 2012 to satisfy them. 

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