Halo 2's new maps

Chances are you've downloaded them already. If you haven't, drop what you're doing, run to your living room and log on to Live. Find out what's so peachy after the jump.

As regular readers will know, we love Xbox Live. In fact, several Stuffers spend what could conceivably be described as an unhealthy amount of time playing Halo 2 online. We like to think it's improving our social and hand-eye coordination skills. So what's our verdict on Halo 2's two new maps?

Containment - the big team battle one

We think this is going to the biggie out of the two. It's a rambling, snow-set level with bases at either end, making it perfect fodder for a big team battle. It's also packed with vehicles and enough hiding places to stop it from becoming a sniperfest. We say: top banana.

Warlock - the cramped-and-fast deathpit

Set in a small, gladitorial-style arena, Warlock's the Slayer man's natural home. It's well laid-out, with multiple vertical levels and little cover, so the shotgun and being good at boshing people on the head are both essential.

How to get them

Load up Halo as usual, select Xbox Live from the menu, log in and select 'content downloads'. When asked, quit out of Halo and select the 'bonus map pack', which is completely free. You can buy two more for a paltry £3. There's more detail and videos on Xbox's site here

Play with Stuff

In a doomed attempt to prove our Xbox Live skills, we're inviting you to play us at Halo 2 on June 3rd. Click here to find out more.