Hackers stick iPlayer on PS3

Your iPhone’s got it, your Wii’s got it and now, courtesy of some home brew wizardry, your PS3’s got it.Of course, we’re talki

Of course, we’re talking the BBC’s ISP–crippling iPlayer. Last week, the Beeb’s Darren Waters said a legit’ edition of the uber–popular on–demand service could make its way to Sony’s hub.

While we’re waiting though, one eager hacker has tweaked the JavaScript and CSS function to create a PS3–based version of the VOD champion.

The man behind the crack, which can be found at, says it only took him a day and that he’d made his work available to prove how easily it could be done.

Waters suggested in his blog that both the Big S and Microsoft wanted to “control” their hubs. Hence, no dice when it comes to a legal version.

But with this hack now out in the wild, surely it can’t be long before Sony at least allows Auntie the chance to beam ‘Enders and, er, ‘classic comedy Two Pints of Lager... via their next–gen console.


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