Guitar Hero: On Tour DS bundle incoming

The thought of Guitar Hero: On Tour has already got us practicing Back in Black, air–guitar style on the high street.And now, for those about to

And now, for those about to rock, Activision has confirmed you’ll be able to place your hands on a DS Lite bundle, replete with the handheld console and Guitar Hero add–on.

Apparently, Nintendo has been “impressed” by the game and wants to be in on the action. There’ll be raking it in from June onwards, when the game’s unleashed. Just in time for perfect summer weather and some “outdoor gigging.”

In the meantime, you can occupy yourself with a spot of Rock Band, coming your way next week. Or just fire up your Wii and get WiiWare going instead.


Guitar Hero: On Tour

Price: £TBA

On sale: June

Contact: Activision