The guilty pleasure of Singstar Take That

I should hate Singstar Take That. The very thought of karaoke is enough to send me running for the hills and I don't like Take That.So when I ended up

So when I ended up in front of a PS3 with a microphone in hand this weekend, a feeling of dread swept over me. And as the opening strains of It Only Takes A Minute began, I braced myself for several minutes of gut-wrenching embarrassment.

Yet to my surprise, it was actually fun. Sure my singing was as bad as I knew it was - possibly even worse - and my dogs doubtless cursed evolution for giving them a hearing range far beyond that of a human being, but truth be told I enjoyed it.

Well, at least until the playback where the true horror of my out-of-tune singing was rammed home.

I've now had to add Singstar Take That to my list of guilty gaming pleasures, which already includes the new age naffness of Flower and Wii diving game Endless Ocean.

So now I've confessed to my own games of shame, anyone else dare to name the games they like but would rather keep quiet about?