GTA V map to be five times bigger than Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto V rumours spill forth across the internets, including a massive map and a new wanted system

Grand Theft Auto V is set to be big – five times bigger than its predecessor, appropriately enough. That's according to a tipster who posted details of Rockstar's next GTA title in the Gamespot forums (since deleted).

According to the source – who claims to be a friend of a disgruntled ex-Rockstar employee – GTA V will not only have a playing area five times larger than GTA IV's Liberty City, it'll have a fully-functioning underworld economy that the player can participate in, as well as more sophisticated wanted levels. Police will initially chase the player on foot and try to bring them down using Tasers, while at higher levels they'll search for people matching your in-game description for up to 48 hours after you've shaken them off.

GTA V's protagonist, meanwhile, will be one Albert De Silva – the older gent seen in the trailer. Albert's a Hispanic mobster who's decided to move from Vice City to Los Santos to raise a family (including his videogame-playing son Kevin, described as "your stereotypical CoD player. He's lazy, useless and shouts racial abuse online.").

Take all this with the requisite bucket of salt – many fans on GTA forums have pointed out that ex-Rockstar employees would likely still be bound by non-disclosure agreements – but if it's true, Grand Theft Auto V looks set to blow our collective noodle when it arrives. Whenever that is.

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